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The main function of the IAFEP is to explore the economics of participation.

Employee Ownership

Profit Sharing

Non Profits

Economic Democracy

Typical topics that members work on include employee ownership, cooperatives, labor-management decision-making, co-determination, profit-sharing, non-profit organizations, and economic democracy.

For years we published the Journal of Economic Analysis and Workers’ Management (contents are listed in our archive) and later the Journal of Enterprise and ParticipationJournal of Participation and Employee Ownership (JPEO), a new journal endorsed by the IAFEP, encourages authors to submit their papers to JPEO. At least one of the Editors (Richard Freeman and Takao Kato) will be at the 2018 conference and available for informal discussion on possible paper submissions and special issue proposals.

The next conference (2018) will take place at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Aleksandra Gregorič (agr.int@cbs.dk) and Polona Domadenik (polona.domadenik@ef.uni-lj.si) will be part of the organizing committee.

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